Our Vision

The Sensory Spot strives to utilize evidence practices infused with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles to increase the knowledge of both client and caregivers thus effectively reducing skill deficits and problematic behaviors. Our mission is to focus on the whole family. By focusing on the whole family we take a more participatory role in the client’s life, building a higher probability of long-lasting change by working together. It is our belief that with effective training comes effective lifelong outcomes.


Therapy and Play Center



A dedicated area for classes, workshops, and parties.


Party Room

An area reserved for private events, with a full size refrigerator and sink.

All foods and drinks MUST remain in the room.


Fine Motor Skills & Open Play

In this area, you will find fine motor activities, weighted toys and equipment, and a toddler play section.


Sensory Gym

A large multipurpose area with a variety of specialized swings, climbing structures, trampolines, a crash pit, and more.


Relaxation Room

A calming area that reduces noise, and allows for sensory relaxation with calm lighting and weighted blankets.


Our Equipment

  • Climbing Wall and Structures – Areas concentrated on complex motor planning, coordination, and regulation through joint distraction.

  • Crash Mat/Pillows – A crash pit area designed for improving motor planning and sensory input through an increase in proprioception (the sense of self-movement and body position).

  • Fine Motor and Craft Supplies – Toys and tools designed to improve fine motor and visual skills.

  • Sensory and Weighted Toys – Toys that implement sensory integration, auditory processing, regulation/calming, and heavy resistance/input.

  • Specialty Swings – Providing vestibular input (body's position in space), core strengthening, and increased regulation/focus.

  • Steam Roller – A sensory tool providing deep pressure and increased proprioception.

  • Trampolines – Used to improve gross motor skills, strength, and regulation through lower extremity joint compression.

  • Plus more!!!