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Discover Inclusive Play at The Sensory Spot

Do you want your child to thrive in an environment that celebrates their uniqueness? Inclusive play environments are more than just playgrounds; they're spaces where every child feels valued and included. At The Sensory Spot, we're redefining play for every child, ensuring that they feel welcome and supported every step of the way. 

Why Inclusive Play Matters

Have you ever wondered how inclusive play environments contribute to your child's development? At The Sensory Spot, we understand the importance of creating spaces where children of all abilities can thrive.Which is why we have transformed all of our clinics into sensory play centers. We know through our practice of Applied Behavior Analysis that Inclusive play fosters empathy, cooperation, and acceptance, nurturing positive social interactions and friendships that extend beyond the playground.

Your Child's Journey to Inclusion

Are you searching for inclusive play environments near Pomona, California? Look no further! Here are five places where your child can play and grow:

  1. KidStreet Playground: Located at 2500 E Riverside Dr, Ontario, CA, KidStreet Playground offers a variety of inclusive play structures and sensory-friendly features for children of all abilities.

  2. Central Park Playground: Situated at 560 E Bonita Ave, San Dimas, CA, Central Park Playground features inclusive play equipment and accessible amenities for children and families to enjoy together.

  3. Kellogg Park: Found at 200 W Phillips Blvd, Pomona, CA, Kellogg Park boasts inclusive play areas and adaptive equipment designed to accommodate children with diverse needs.

  4. Montvue Park: Located at 1399 W Montvue Ave, Pomona, CA, Montvue Park offers inclusive play structures and sensory experiences for children to explore and engage with.

  5. Westmont Park: Situated at 1808 W 9th St, Pomona, CA, Westmont Park provides inclusive play opportunities and accessible amenities for children and families in the local community.Parenting

Why Choose The Sensory Spot?

At The Sensory Spot, inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. Our indoor playground offers unparalleled convenience for families, rain or shine. Unlike outdoor parks, our controlled environment ensures consistent play opportunities for your child, fostering routine and development.

Our indoor space is designed with inclusivity in mind. From sensory-friendly equipment to customizable play areas, we prioritize accessibility to create a supportive environment where every child can thrive.

Join us in celebrating diversity, promoting inclusion, and inspiring joy for children of all abilities. At The Sensory Spot, every child deserves the chance to play, learn, and grow. Let's create memorable experiences together!


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